My name is Jeremy Anderson; I live in Melbourne, Australia. I run my own Prop creating company called Tethan Props. For those who always ask “What does Tethan mean?” It is simply the gaming name that I’ve used online over the years. And given it is a unique name I thought it was fitting for the name of my Prop business.

I’ve always loved making things since I was young, but I have only recently (since the start of 2016) started creating high quality and accurate props. Every project that I do I learn a new skill, whether that be crafting, stenciling, painting or any other vital skill that goes into making great props, this constant learning drives me to create bigger and better things!

My favourite props to make are iconic weapons from games and movies, such as Destiny, Zelda, Lord of the rings and Star Wars just to name a few. Being able to hold a gun or sword that you see in movies or that are brought to life from a video game is what I like most about prop making.

The most recent focus has been on custom lightsabers, both 3D printed and metal. The main focus is on Lord of the Rings inspired lightsabers and other popular themes.

 – Jeremy, Tethan Props